Buyer Policies 
V4mthesupermarket deals directly with the buyers and not retailers. While buying the products from our site the buyer must adhere to the conditions of sales, which includes a description of the item, are not in breach of this agreement, or stands unlawful.
Buyers must look at other client’s “testimonials” before purchasing from our company. You must also post a review after placing your order and once the order gets delivered. We ensure that all the precautionary measures are taken by the retailers, but we fail to guarantee the safety of the accuracy of the lists.
All the users can contact v4mthesupermarket if they find any suspicious or illegal behaviour over the website. The buyer must agree to the terms and conditions before placing an order.

Cancellation Policies 
The order stand cancels under the following eventualities:
• Order not accepted within 48 hours.
• If we do not mention a time of shipment or the failure of dispatching did not adhere at the respected time, then it stands to cancel.
• Failed attempt to pick up the order associated with v4mthesupermarket.
• Cancellation of the order by the buyer itself.
Under such conditions, the money will be refunded to the buyer linked with its bank account.

Electronic Communications
Any users who continue to send electronic communication like E-mail or other data to v4mthesupermarketthey will receive the similar king of electronic communication via E-mail by our officials from time to time.
We make sure that you face no confusion in placing the order or track the order after placing it. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
No Guarantee 
V4mthesupermarket does not guarantee any kind of uninterrupted access to the application. The operation of the app can be hindered due to various reasons which are not under our control.
No Warranty 
V4mthesupermarket and its, subsidiaries and specialist co-op give the App and administrations with no guarantee or condition, express, inferred, or legal and explicitly renounce any suggested guarantees of title, merchantability, qualification for a specific reason and non-encroachment. You explicitly concur that your utilization of the App at your hazard.

Reviews and Ratings 
V4mthesupermarket will not be liable for the criticism that the purchaser post on the App and purchaser should be cautious about offering remarks that are not genuine and ought not to post slanderous or unlawful or hostile substance. We empower enlisted purchasers and retailers on the App to give input to one another after the exchange has shut; this causes all Users to comprehend what it resembles to manage the said purchaser/retailer.
If the negative feedback continues then v4mthesupermarket can maintain whatever authority is needed to suspend your enrolment, and you will be not able to rundown or purchase on the App.

We award you an individual, with revocable, constrained rights, and permission to access and utilize the substance of this application and administrations. However it’s not restricted to realistic pictures, sound, video, HTML code, catches, and text, may not be replicated, adjusted, a subordinate work of the application is made, figured out, repeated, reassembled, republished, transferred, posted, transmitted, or conveyed in any capacity, or in any case any endeavor to find the source code, sell, allocate, sublicense, award a security enthusiasm for or in any case move any privilege in the utilization of this application and administrations.
Except if such action is legally necessary or has been explicitly approved ahead of time by v4mthesupermarket, recorded as a hard copy aside from that you may download, show, and print one duplicate of the materials on any single PC exclusively for your utilization, and further given that you keep unblemished all our copyright, brand name, and other exclusive take note.

Limitation of Liability
V4mthesupermarket or its providers, innovation obligated for any immediate accidental, coincidental, harms, including however not constrained to information or other impalpable misfortunes, loss of benefits emerging under the App, its administrations or this Agreement (counting convoluted cases emerging thereof).

About v4mthesupermarket 
It is a one-stop destination where you can buy a variety of products:
• V4mthesupermarket is a place that complies with users to buy products like medicine, makeup, grocery, and much more. We do not get involved in transactions with the retailers, instead, we directly deal with the buyers. All the data and items recorded on the App are given on an ‘as is the place is’ premise.
• Excluded things, organizations, and things that disregard our guarded innovation approaches are not allowed in v4mthesupermarket.
• Anyone at the age of above 18 can buy goods from v4mthesupermarket.
• We have our payment methods (and can be adjusted according to you), policies, shipping, and execution practices.
• Shops on v4mthesupermarket must satisfy our guidelines of client assistance and respect our approaches.
• We ask our clients to showcase their needs, business and represent them accurately.

Our conditions
In case the buyer is not satisfied with our products at v4mthesupermarket, you can request us to replace the item. We will take the product and the amount will be refunded into your account which is linked with it.
Buyer Protection Policy
All returns must request within 2-3 working days at the time you got your delivery. No request will be entertained after that, once the checking of the product is done, we will process all your refund. If there is any alteration in this policy, you will get notified very soon.
Law that is applicable!
Clients concur that the laws of India will administer these Terms of Use.
Any question emerging out of this Terms of Use by the Users will be submitted to the restrictive locale of the courts at New Delhi. It also includes the data regarding utilization of apps.
Where a change to reflect aim or give an explanation to the administration terms is considered any nullified segment, such a cure will be made first before any condition is held invalid and void. If any part of this agreement stands invalid in the court, the other sections remain valid. All users are requested to keep these terms and conditions in mins.