secret temptation Passion Deodorant Spray – For Women (150 ml)

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As you impatiently await your turn at the ticket counter for that movie you’ve been dying to see, you notice that woman who is standing ahead of the line. The brilliant black waterfall over her shoulders that crown a unique canvas of unfulfilled romance and mysterious longing. While her distinct looks have already grabbed your attention, the aroma of Secret Temptation Passion Deo Spray that perfumes her has captured you.

There’s something different about her; she is not like your average Jane. Each expression and each mannerism manages to pique your interest. As you delve deeper into the abyss of her passion, she bats her eyelashes and turns away. For the mysterious enigma that is this woman, a spritz of this deo spray adds to her charm. The slender cylindrical bottle that houses this fragrance comes in a dual tone of orange and maroon which is topped with a simple white cap. A fragrance that is meant to bring out the charming woman in you.


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