Protinex Tasty Chocolate Nutritional Drink Nutrition Drink (400 g, tasty chocolate

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Protinex Tasty Chocolate is a vegetarian ready to serve beverage mix that helps bridge the gap of nutrients from diet of Indian Adults. Protinex Tasty Chocolate is an adult nutritional drink mix that is clinically proven to provide 34% higher immuno boosters that help build immunity# 1,2. Protinex contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals including 10 immuno nutrients´┐Ż that help build immunity, build strength, and provide energy. Protinex consists of nutrients that help in building bone strength, growth & maintenance of muscle mass, improving metabolism, formation of blood cells, and maintaining fluid & electrolyte balance**. Available in chocolate flavor, Protinex easily makes its place in your everyday diet plan, and with zero added sugar* and low fat, it is suitable for daily consumption. It can be taken with milk or water.


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