Protinex Tasty Chocolate Flavour (250 g)

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Meet the nutrient needs for your body with the Protinex Tasty Chocolate Flavour ready-to-serve drink. It contains immuno boosters that may help in building your immunity.

Vital Nutrients for Strength and Balance

Protinex Tasty Chocolate has a healthy balance of nutrients that include 22 essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains 10 immuno nutrients that help in building up your body strength. It also helps supply the necessary proteins your body needs regularly.

Overall Health and Wellness

This healthy and tasty beverage consists of nutrients that help in maintaining bone health and strength.

Tasty Chocolate Flavour

Thanks to its tasty chocolate flavour, this drink will easily win over your taste buds. It has zero added sugar with a low-fat content, making it ideal for everyday consumption. You can take this drink with milk or water depending on your preference.


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