Protinex Mama Chocolate Flavour Nutritional Drink (250 g)

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During pregnancy and for the first 6 months after birth, a baby completely relies on mother for the fulfillment of his body’s nutrient requirements. Hence, a mother needs to have the proper and sufficient amount of nutrients throughout this period. Protinex Mama is a nutritional drink with high protein, made especially for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It helps meet the increased nutritional needs of pregnant woman so that she stays nourished, and baby grows healthy. Fortified with DHA, that helps in the proper brain development of baby. Also, enriched with folic acid that is known vital for the growth of brain and spinal cord. With 23 essential vitamins and minerals, Protinex Mama provides a sufficient dose of macro and micronutrients to the pregnant mother filling her with vitality and energy. Nutrition Now, Health Forever!


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