Eva Flirt Deodorant Spray – For Women (125 ml)

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As she sips her martini, she slowly pops the cherry into her pouting mouth and looks him straight in the eye – it is the light, simple fun of flirtations that make life interesting. She is an independent woman and she is comfortable in her own skin, of who she is. There simple gestures let her reassure herself of her desirability as Eva Flirt Deo Spray colors the memory of the sudden darkening of eyes and the fleeting grazes of fingers. The mass premium fragrance lightens the mood and infuses the experience with the simple, delicious and comforting notes of vanilla. The long lasting deodorant spray is presented in a tall, olive green flacon that depicts not only her classy nature but also her taste for finer things in life. The alcohol free formulation of the spray ensures that you do not have to worry about perspiration or body odor and because it maintains the pH balance of your skin without altering it chemically, it is also extremely safe for long term use. Indulge in the mouthwatering muffin, the sly wink and a cup of coffee with Eva Flirt Deo Spray.


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