Bagrry’s Superfood Granola Belgian Dark Chocolate & Almonds 400gm

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Bagrry’s Superfood Granola is deliciously nourishing, oven-baked breakfast cereal that is loaded with the world’s finest superfoods such as Fibre Rich Oats, Californian Almonds, Protein Packed Quinoa, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Whole Wheat and Crunchy Rice. High in Fibre, Protein Rich and with 100% vegan ingredients, we bring to you our yummiest chocolaty multigrain breakfast experience ever with its crunchy goodness in every bite.

  • It’s made with the finest antioxidant rich Belgian Dark Chocolate and loads of Californian Almonds for an amazing taste experience.
  • Loaded with 5 great grains for the power of multi grains with 40% Fibre Rich Oats, Protein Rich Quinoa, Whole Wheat, Crispy Corn and Crunchy Rice.
  • It’s 100% Natural and very nourishing with natural protein & high fibre.
  • Bagrry’s Superfood Granola is carefully crafted, slowly oven toasted for hours to give you mornings the perfect crunch that you can enjoy instantly every morning.
  • Bagrry’s Superfood Granola is powered with a plant-based nutrition philosophy. It’s 100% vegan with whole grains, natural cocoa & almonds.
  • Have it with a splash of milk or Greek yoghurt or simply as a delicious anytime snack.


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